Investment Summit

Every spring, the financial world’s major players meet at the Investment Summit in Zaventem, the flagship event for asset managers in Belgium. Over fifty investment companies from all over the world come to tell their tale. Dozens of journalists will also be present at the event, but this is no guarantee that they will listen to your story

For the asset managers among our clients, the Investment Summit is clearly marked in their communication diaries each year. It is the ideal opportunity to develop your credibility. But if investment companies are selling their wares in the same space, it’s vital to stand out from the crowd. If you want to trigger a journalist, you need to have a story to tell. You need to grab his attention, but also be relevant. Rather than empty commercial words, journalists need to be fed a story with a vision.

Together with our clients, we seek out newsworthy information. This can for example be found in trends, figures and strong opinions. In volatile times, financial organisations cannot be afraid to speak out on certain topics but without seeking out controversy at any cost. This creates confidence among opinion-makers and journalists and allows you to reinforce your positive reputation. “

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Dajo Hermans

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