Financial expertise

Financial communication, whether for investment management companies, financial institutions or stock-listed conglomerates, is a science all of its own. We apply our skills and expertise to give your financial analyses, outlooks and research extra impetus. All within the regulatory boundaries, of course. Our financial and journalistic expertise helps to set the right tone, craft the preferred message and reach out to the appropriate target group. And our journalistic approach will create the impact you’re looking for in a communication agency.

Investment communication

Banks, investors, opinion leaders… we address them directly to create an impact with your story. Whether it involves an (approved) press release or pitching an interview with your in-house expert to the relevant media.

Communication about results

Communicating about numbers? We use a slightly different approach. We seek out the news story behind the results and communicate it via the right medium, at the right time and in a creative form.

News videos & podcasts & podcasts

Whether it’s explaining your annual or quarterly results in words, images or graphs, or creating an interesting podcast which allows you to showcase your expertise, we always use a journalistic and professional approach. From choosing the right topic, right through direction and recording, to final editing.

Specialised press

Sometimes, it is just as important to target a specialised target audience with your financial and economic performance, parallel to the general public. Luckily, we have a wide range of contacts with all key financial media, including the trade publications.


Crafting a captivating story about your financial expertise? That’s what we do best at Befirm. Our talents are best put to use when ensuring your financial communication is sleek and impressive.


The team of in-house designers we use can transform any tricky topic or abstract figure into a visually appealing and clear story. Which allows you to make complex information accessible at a professional level.

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