Sara Vercauteren

Managing Director

Bepublic Group brought in a top expert at the beginning of 2021 in the form of Sara Vercauteren. After getting a master’s degree in political and social sciences, with a subsequent year in communications and culture (option TV and film), Sara started her career in Minister Vandenbroucke’s press office. She feels it was the perfect school of life because she discovered the result of all she undertook in the newspaper the next day. Later, she also became Minister van Brempt’s spokeswoman, going on to take a position at Medialaan (parent company of VTM, among others) as a spokeswoman and press department manager in 2010. There, she grew to become the director of communications at DPG Media. Internal and external communication, serving as a spokesperson, crisis communication, and Red Nose Day: she steered it all in the right direction and – together with Anja Peleman – built a communications team for the entire company. Since 2017, Sara has also been sharing the tricks of the trade with her spokesperson students at Thomas More. She also teaches at the KU Leuven. In her free time, she likes to focus on her family: together with her husband Koen, she has two daughters who help her put everything into perspective as soon as she steps through the door. P.S.: Curious about Sara’s view on being a spokeswoman and press relations? Then be sure to read her book Geen commentaar (No comment), published in 2018 and due for an update in 2020. Incidentally, she became Spokesperson of the Year in 2018, thanks in part to that book.

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