A PR agency born and bred in journalism.

Making financial and economic communication matter: that is our mission. 

We could just communicate your operating profits. But we’d rather take it a step further. By making you highly visible and top-of-mind. Among financial media outlets but also potential clients and partners. How do we do it? By showcasing your strengths, your vision and, above all, what you do best. We give you a clear voice and put you in touch with the most important stakeholders. The net result? Increased credibility as a thought leader in the key financial and business media and a strengthened reputation with your target audience.

Our secret ingredient? We think like journalists.

This means three things: to begin with, we look at your organisation and its stories from a journalist’s angle. Then, we pinpoint your company’s ‘DNA’ and seek out the news. That news is then combined with your expertise and presented to the right target audience. Whether we’re talking about the launch of a new fund, raising capital or the latest analyses and outlooks. 

We link your story to today’s affairs and social topics.

This is a proactive process; we pitch your story to the media at exactly the right moment but may also link it to current topics or the news of the day. We’ve coined a fancy term for it: ‘newsjacking’. In other words, we become the eyes and ears of your organisation. And ensure that you become pivotal to the debate in your sector.

It all started with a dream.

When Jeroen Wils and Dajo Hermans founded Befirm in 2020, it was because they shared a dream. To tell financial and economic stories in a different way: with a journalistic approach. Furthermore, they wanted to transform numbers and figures into strong stories. And build credible financial reputations for their clients. From financial institutions and fund managers to stock-listed businesses and companies looking for investors or financiers. Befirm was born. 

Every day, a team of seasoned experts is at the service of our clients. They are superb wordsmiths, digital wizards, storytellers, strategists, communication experts, crisis communication specialists and, at the end of the day, all journalists at heart. Because we feel at home in the world of finance, business and economics, we know which tone needs to be set, what is important and what isn’t.

Like Bereal and Bepublic (the other companies in the Bepublic Group), Befirm is part of the Mediafin media group, publisher of Belgium’s biggest financial dailies De Tijd and L’Echo. But we nevertheless remain a completely independent PR company.

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